Help end the embarrassment around testicular cancer with #ItTakesBalls

We all have lots of things to be embarrassed about. Getting your testicles checked isn’t one of them. #ItTakesBalls is a movement of people sharing their most embarrassing stories to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

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Let's join forces

Support Testicular Cancer Canada and help save lives, reduce suffering and raise awareness.

It's your turn to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Share your most embarrassing story with #ItTakesBalls.

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    Know the facts


    Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men.


    Testicular Cancer Canada is dedicated to saving lives and reducing suffering by eliminating taboos, increasing awareness, educating the public and providing support to victims.

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    Self-examinations are quick, easy and could save your life. Learn how to perform one and then take a moment every month to check in on the boys.

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